Increase Profit with No Fees and No Risk

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Increase Profit With No Fees and No Risk

Doctor Profit consists of a group of committed entrepreneurs and professionals who are dedicated to the profitable development of your business.

We have assisted in the start-up or progress of more than 500 companies in a diverse range of businesses. Our CEO, Joseph Johnson, has personally started 18 of his own.

We are capable of navigating you successfully through all the stages of your business, including that particularly dangerous step of selling or succession.

Business conditions change and the university texts from twenty years ago may no longer be reliable. We are relevant and practical, and, we know where the money is. Doctor Profit consultants have been in your position and know how to maneuver and guide your company. Our experienced team includes specialists in accounting, taxation, personal finance, IT, marketing, sales, social media, plant management and production. These group members also bring their finely tuned intuition to your company in a practical way to find innovative methods to produce new products or simply find new markets when this becomes necessary.

We would enjoy working with you on any stage of your business, or even to become a permanent part of your team.

Why It Matters

We understand business to be similar to the medical profession in one aspect. There are many experts available for cardiology, cancer, marketing, taxes, etc. The problem is your family doctor. If he gives you the wrong diagnosis or sends you home with aspirin when you are having a stroke, then you’re in trouble. If your business is suffering from poor HR practices or management attitude and you go to a marketing expert, you are going to fail, no matter how much money you spend or how capable that expert is in his field.

That is why Doctor Profit is unique. We not only have the experience to make an accurate diagnosis, but with the no fees up front, you are guaranteed no risk.

So Where Do We Start?

The first step in our relationship is the accurate business diagnosis. This diagnosis will examine all the aspects of your business and identify what your strengths are, and what we can work together to improve. This diagnosis is FREE. There is no commitment required other than setting a meeting with us to discuss your business. Starting to understand the No Risk part?

This diagnosis in another aspect of what we offer to your business that others can’t. Our competitors may only try and sell you a service that earns them more money, without even fully examining if it would help your business long-term. That is not how we do business at Doctor Profit, and that is not how you create sustainable businesses in the Greater Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph area. We would love to discuss in person the No Fees No Risk option that will increase profit for your business, so please contact us to book an appointment today.