5 Places to Find Great Email Templates

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Email templates are a requirement for any company that has a newsletter (and doesn’t know how to write their own HTML versions). With all of the newsletters out there, it’s not surprising that there is stiff competition on what will get, and then keep, readers coming back. So if you are looking for some sources for email templates for your next newsletter, you’ve come to the right place.

Email on Acid

One of the great things about Email on Acid is that the email templates they provide are free and adapt to multiple screen sizes. Since the majority of emails are opened on mobile devices nowadays, it is highly suggested that you ensure your template functions across platforms.

Zurb Ink

Zurb Ink is another free email template provider. Although they do not have as many types of templates as other sites, they make up for with lots of customization. For those that do no how to edit an HTML file, this is also provided by Zurb – so it can provide a great place to start your own design.


Stamplia is another place to get free email templates – however it will cost you your own email in the process. A unique characteristic of Stamplia is that it will actually provide PSD files for download – so if your more into editing photos than code, this is perfect for you.


Although 99designs is typically known for their individual designs, they have gotten into the free template game by launching three email templates that range in four different colours. Although that is not extensive, all of the designs are compatible with the major email clients.


Yes, I realize this slightly breaks the rules of strictly templates, but Mailchimp has a lot to offer on this front. Depending on the number of subscribers you have, you can use Mailchimp for free – and get access to a substantial amount of predesigned email templates, as well as the option to customize your own in whatever shape and size you like.

Source: Hubspot

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